Revealing Jesus – Understanding the Prophetic Gift of the Holy Spirit – Part 2
David Sheller   -  

God’s greater purpose for seeing in the first place: prophetic people see so that they can reveal the things of Jesus Christ on this earth. – Dr. Ron Larson

New Covenant Prophetic Ministry sees the beauty and hope of the work of Jesus in others even when they themselves cannot see it. We depend on the Holy Spirit for the power to be effective witnesses, for it is the Spirit who directs and powers the development of the mission of Jesus Christ. Without the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we cannot truly know and reveal Jesus. 

When we know Jesus, we can recognize what He is saying and what He is doing. We can see Jesus everywhere and in everyone. But we must know Jesus….we must experience Him and the revelation of who He is. 

“For Christians our first task is to know Jesus, and out of that knowing, we will come to love him, adore him, proclaim him, and manifest him”- Jesus Manifesto