Our First
David Sheller   -  

To say we are celebrating one year of gathering as Mainspring Church seems in part unbelievable and yet it is only the beginning of the journey to see God fulfill everything we are believing for. This gives us hope to keep believing for great things because with Jesus as the head of our church all things are possible. 

We are also celebrating Jesus, who we desire to have FIRST PLACE IN EVERYTHING. 

There is no greater revelation than Jesus – He is the perfect imprint, image, and representation of God. From the moment the Testimony of Jesus went out, from the beginning of the church’s life, there was never a time when the highest honours of the Godhead were not given to the name of Jesus. 

Christ remains the preeminent subject of our teachings because to add anything to Him would be to preach another Gospel. We aren’t working to get you excited about Mainspring as a church. Instead, we are working to get you excited about Pursuing and Proclaiming Jesus!!

This message speaks to why we are who we are at Mainspring Church and why that won’t change.